(Tom Gabriel Warrior)
* Born in 1963, musician and assistant HR Giger, lives in Zurich

Since 2007, Fischer has been an assistant at the Giger residence, taking care of correspondence, communication, online issues, administrative duties and translations. Fischer founded the legendary bands “Hellhammer” and “Celtic Frost”. Today he is the guitarist and singer of “Triptykon”. He has been a professed admirer of HR Giger’s work ever since his youth. To this day he is still moved when he tells the story of how Giger offered to allow the then totally unknown band “Celtic Frost” the use of two of his paintings (“Satan I” and “Victory III”) for the cover of their second album “To Mega Therion” in 1984.

Giger continued to collaborate with Fischer on the artwork for his band “Triptykon”. The works “Vlad Tepes” (Eparistera Daimones”, 2010) as well as “Mordor VII” and “Landscape XVI” (“Melana Chasmata”, 2014) grace the covers of the first two “Triptycon” albums.

Fischer was far more than just an assistant to HR Giger and his wife Carmen; they were also connected by a close friendship. Still after Giger’s death, Fischer continues to work as an assistant at the Giger studio, assisting Carmen with her numerous administrative and organisational duties.