* Born in 1966, works for television as team leader in the division of motion graphics, lives in Zurich.

Sandra moved in with Hansruedi Giger in the early '90s. Originally Giger’s assistant and graphic artist, she later became his life partner. She designed several of Giger’s books and accompanied his work on the film Species.

Sandra dared to bring order to the Giger-chaos, organizing the houses and archiving Giger’s work.

The fact that Hansruedi let her do so is testimony to the deep trust the two shared. Needless to say, he only allowed it under the condition that she did not throw anything away. He even let her open the blinds in the workroom where she worked for him as a graphic designer and assistant. In the Giger house, where no ray of sunlight was ever allowed to enter, this was a small revolution.

In 1995, Sandra Beretta left Hansruedi Giger for the simple reason that she needed more light in her life again. And she wanted to have some private space where she didn’t always have to subordinate everything to Giger’s art. They remained friends until Hansruedi’s death.