The fact that Hannes Schmid managed to find time to make portraits of Hansruedi and to wander through his house and garden is practically a miracle. I’ve rarely encountered such an incredibly busy person. When we contacted him, he was in Beijing, right in the middle of the preparation for his exhibition “Momentous”, a huge project. Yet he still managed to find time for this project. Purely out of interest!

I was very impressed with the speed with which Hannes was able to capture the houses, which form the backdrop for Hansruedi’s life and work. I had the feeling that he not only understood the visual language of the location, but that it brought him some kind of satisfaction. , but that he somehow feels it.

Browsing through his website gives you an idea of what Hannes has seen, all the places he’s been to and the people he’s been involved with. It’s amazingly diverse, and yet you don’t sense one ounce of presumption, of “I’ve-seen-it-all-attitude”. On the contrary, it’s bursting with openness and enthusiasm. “It’s not the image that’s important”, says Hannes, “it’s the path that led you to it.”

Belinda Sallin, Regisseurin

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All Photographs © Hannes Schmid