* 25  August 1999

Müggi is a Siamese cat that moved to the Giger residence at the tender age of 12 weeks. The tomcat couldn’t have wished for a better home. Hansruedi loved his cat more than anything, and Carmen now cares for him lovingly. Müggi III likes to get comfortable on the shoulders of visitors. Although undoubtedly a sign of affection, one is better off to anticipate Müggi’s desires. This way he can easily be picked up and put gently in place. Otherwise he will leap directly onto the shoulders or thighs of his chosen host, and the sudden digging in of claws can be both shocking and painful.

Müggi III has three predecessors: Müggi II lived to be almost 18 years old and was buried by Hansruedi himself, while Müggi I moved with Hansruedi and Li to Oerlikon in the early '70s. Müggi I had a playmate: a jet-black cat with a white spot on her throat. Hansruedi thought she resembled a nun, hence the name Nönneli. Hansruedi suffered a great deal during his long absence while working on Alien at Shepperton Studios, as he could not take care of his cats himself. One day, Müggi I disappeared without a trace, and it plagued Hansruedi for quite some time that he never found her.

Müggi I, ca. 1971