* Belinda Sallin, Director

At last the moving images are receiving the colours that they are supposed to have. Colourist Roger Sommer, (known as Somm) is going about his business in his skilful way. My first meeting with Somm, for the grading of the Teaser in autumn 2012, was surprising to say the least. Hardly had I asked him if he knew anything about HR Giger before he’d shown me his Alien tattoo on his forearm. I was meeting THE very colourist in this world who had a Giger on his skin. You could hardly call it coincidence.

There can be no doubt that Somm pulls all the stops of his ability. And anyone who believes the works of HR Giger is merely somber and black is severely deluded. Yes, there are colours in HR Giger’s work! Many of them, and with countless nuances. I became aware of this when I took the time to carefully observe Hansruedi’s work during the course of film research. I soon understood that it's important to carefully film the works, such as those in the HR Giger Museum. Only then could we bring them to the silver screen in the manner that I imagine. I am particularly glad that colour grading was so effective, fulfilling my desire.

Colorist Roger Sommer

Colorist Roger Sommer

Filming at the Museum HR Giger, Nov. 2013