* Belinda Sallin, Director

Melancholy got the better of me again today. I was with Peter Scherer, who is composing the music for the film. Right at the beginning of our collaboration I had told Peter that Hansruedi was a huge fan of jazz music. Oscar Peterson, for example, was one of his biggest heroes. Hansruedi had started listening to him way back in his youth in Chur. His affinity to jazz remained, even after working together with a range of musicians from other music genres. That jazz tip I gave Peter Scherer at the time now echoes wonderfully throughout his composition. I became so lost in listening to the music that I thought for a second, ‘Hansruedi is going to love this music,’ only to realize in the same moment that he’ll never hear it.

HRG at the piano, 1960

HRG the hepcat around 1960

HRG with clarinet, 1960